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TUN officially unveils its 20,000 deals in cities across America

October 4, 2011 - 10:09 AM
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Pedestrians love cheap food and drinks. (Photo: flickr/intangiblearts)

About two weeks ago, I spotlighted the fact that a new daily deals website was coming to the District of Columbia. New York-based TUN, "a series of hyper-local websites that connects students to deals, news and events around approximately 200 U.S. college campuses" according to its press materials, is unveiling 20,000 deals across the country that target younger people and especially street-frequenting pedestrians with smartphones. TUN offers an interactive map of neighborhood blocks that feature where their different discounts are — especially conducive to attracting foot traffic in a way not entirely different, in my perspective, from how Foursquare targets and lures in smartphone owners to its various partnered businesses.

I talked to TUN's CEO Peter Corrigan last month and as he told me then, "Kids are focused more on the screens in their pocket." True enough.

Today around mid-afternoon, TUN will begin to officially unveil its various deals and partnerships with its press releases and other publicity moves, according to Corrigan.

TUN's core mission, they say, is to help young people "save money every day on basic items they already spend money on, such as food, fitness, entertainment, beauty, and beer" through various business discounts it helps arrange and display for the site's users. You can filter these deals by university (see, for instance, the GWU deals here). What sets it apart? I'm not entirely sure other than the emphatic focus on hyper-local and the college market ... though that's not a bad start. Their focus lends itself well to dense urban areas, college campuses, and emphasis on pedestrian traffic.

In my first piece, Corrigan emphasizes the convenience, the way they pressure merchants to lowering prices, the walkability inherent in their system, and so on. I won't reiterate that now but will instead leave you with this little tidbit about how TUN has grown and wants to grow. What stands out to me is the vaunted ambitions of TUN:

New York-based has rapidly grown from an idea in 2010 to over 200 individual hyper-local college student websites, with approximately 5,500 participating merchants and more than 20,000 daily deals. By the end of the year, aims to reach 50% of the U.S. college audience.

Half of the college market? Good luck, TUN.

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