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Walking it back: A suicide attempt and median madness

October 15, 2011 - 09:15 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

What a gloomy week. The one virtue, at least, is that it's not quite as cold as it was a couple weeks ago. But there's still rain and troubles in the transportation world. Let's walk it back through the biggest transportation stories of the past week:

• A 39-year-old McLean man allegedly tried to kill himself by jumping onto the Metro tracks at the Clarendon station on Tuesday before evening rush hour. You can imagine the delays that resulted. Just see this video from the Rosslyn station!

• Zipcar launched an advertising campaign earlier this fall that's leaving some bicyclists offended ... should they be?

• Median madness: Dupont Main Streets is upgrading a median between R and S with an $85,000 grant this fall. Awesome, right? Well ... yes, but to a couple people, the median is still an eyesore — and they want the city to do more.


• ... and 68 hours a year?!

• I discovered eight songs about transportation safety that you should listen to.

• Go on the punk rock walking tour.

• Street sweeping ends soon, D.C. drivers!

• People in the suburbs and rural areas like and value bikes ... but would bikesharing work there?

• Union Station's hot mess.

• The psychology of Metro line colors.

• Greater Greater Washington voted on Metro station names.

• WMATA held bus hearings.

• One driver noticed that no one follows the speed limits.

Feet in the Street is today!

• I rode one of WMATA's free Columbus Day shuttles.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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