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Walking it back: All hail the District's transportation planners

October 22, 2011 - 09:15 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

Welcome to you weekend, D.C. Are you attending the National Park Service town hall today? You should! What else are you doing on this Saturday afternoon? Community engagement is important, and as this past week showed, good transit planning counts for a lot. We'll need it 50 years from now.

Let's review the biggest transportation stories of the past week here at On Foot:

• The 39-year-old man who jumped in front of a Metro train at Clarendon died this week. How can transit agencies better plan to deter impulsive rail suicides like this? They're as old as Anna Karenina.

• For that matter, how can our government better plan against our crumbling, structurally deficient bridges? DDOT's trying but still, there's a lot. Here's the 10 busiest ones.

• Let's plan better bike safety — here, see what one group is hoping to do with their Revolights, LED bike night lights attached directly to the bicycle tires. The creators are finalizing designs now and they'll potentially be on the market next year ...  the flashy and cool way to bike safely.

• "I find it so 20th-century to talk about drivers versus Metro riders versus bicycle riders." Right on, Harriet Tregoning. What will D.C. transit look like in 10 or 20 years? Maybe this.

• Zipcar planned for technology: Reserve a car through Facebook!

• The District's good transportation planning allowed Harry Jaffe to bike over to the Shaw library for last Tuesday's "Dream City" panel discussion.

• When will D.C. public transit plan to include wireless Internet?

• The District's 1957 streetcar system hadn't planned on this rogue laborer absconding with a trolley and racing 15 blocks down Pennsylvania.

• Yet it's 2011 now, so why did the New York Times forget to include bicycles in its transportation marketing question to readers? Poor planning.

• The District's taxi drivers want better planning to prevent passengers from running off without paying cab fare.

• Poor car-sharing planning has left one Tenleytown Zipster struggling to find a Zipcar for an hour. "I miss Gabe Klein," she told me.

Best wishes on your weekends, D.C. Drive, bike, walk, and Metro safely.

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