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Walking it back: Be afraid for MetroAccess this Halloween

October 29, 2011 - 09:15 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

Happy Halloween, D.C.! Or almost, anyway. The fear-filled holiday in honor of candy isn't until Monday, but most of the celebrations will be happening this weekend. I hope you've got your costume all ready. Here's some transit ideas if you're still struggling. Remember, WMATA has major track work planned for the Red, Orange, and Green Metro lines. I also hear we may be seeing snow, which is hardly a comforting notion.

Forget the fear, forget the snow, and simply remember the biggest transportation news stories from the past week here:

• Don't ignore the business going down with MetroAccess lately. The drama has been high, with drivers still struggling with 13-hour schedules from WMATA's MetroAccess contractor as passengers complain about scheduling problems, rudeness, and many other problems. It was a packed house at the first of three MetroAccess town halls this week. "I'm not a toy," one rider declared as she listed her concerns. Hear a fuller account of the many MetroAccess problems here.

• Are these the top 10 walkable neighborhoods in the District?

• Occupy DC keeps occupying Metro with fancy clothes, wine glasses, and funny accents. See the videos.

• What Gabe Klein is up to in Chicago.

• WMATA officially unveiled the Farragut Crossing Metro free transfer on Friday afternoon. Saving money! Less congestion! Fluffy mascots! Hooray!

• Why the National Park Service should keep holding town halls like last weekend's.

• Yet DDOT seems to hold so many more ribbon-cuttings ... why? How do people assign blame and conceptualize Metro and the city differently?

• A former Maryland governor has a new book out that's not about cars but has a title full of car metaphors.

• In case of zombies this weekend...

• An idea from Harriet Tregoning — unite transit riders along commuting lines with social media.

• Damn those loud planes.

• An update on the case of Dwight Harris and the Transit Police who slammed him to the grate.

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