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Walking it back: We'll take our transit drunk, angry, and disorganized

October 9, 2011 - 08:32 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

The transportation world contained many unsettled emotions this week. People were intoxicated, people were slipping up, and yes, people have been more angry than usual. I'm not entirely sure what's been happening — perhaps bitterness that summer is ending? — but let's review the biggest stories of the past week:

• An Australian graphic designer offered up yet another redesign of the iconic Metro map.

• Chuck Thies called a new proposed biking law "hogwash" and D.C.'s biking community reacted.

Two new car-sharing companies will be coming to the District.

• Three Metro stations on the Green Line will be closed from Friday night until Tuesday morning.

• Why is it always the men who are driving drunk? Four out of five times, it's us.

•  Maryland outlawed texting while driving — you can't even legally read a text message at the wheel now.

• The 11th Street Bridge loses its streetcar tracks, at least for now.

• Occupy D.C. double-booked.

• Will gas prices drop? Likely for a bit.

• Two women were assaulted on their way to work heading to the Suitland Metro station.

• Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. Here's how he changed our commutes.

• The District Department of Transportation began tracking all its traffic tickets with computers 32 years ago.

• Kids took to the street.

• WMATA trains left big flashes of light.

• And the Circulator now travels east of the river.

• A heritage trail will soon open in Petworth.

• Oh, and Halloween's coming ... you better start brainstorming transit costume ideas now.

Best wishes on everyone's weekends!

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