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Watch out for dimmer November commutes after daylight saving time, pedestrians

November 7, 2011 - 04:15 PM
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The end of daylight saving time forces us to put more thought into going to sleep than seems necessary. But an interruption of sleep patterns can affect your entire next day, so be consistent with when you wake and rise, and do something mindless before hitting the sack.8 Photos
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November is an especially dangerous month to be a pedestrian. There's less daylight to enjoy, which is of course depressing, but there's also a few notable safety issues worth spotlighting.

The District Department of Transportation describes the new danger wonderfully on its goDCgo blog, so I'll let that speak for itself. Just know this:

Pedestrian fatalities due to motorists rise by 186% in the month of November directly following the Daylight Savings time change. According to the two scientists from Carnegie Mellon University who reported these findings, the dramatic increase in pedestrian-vehicle accidents is not due to the darkness by itself as much as the timing of the darkness. That is, it takes a few weeks for both pedestrians and motorists to adjust their walking and driving habits to being extra cautious an hour earlier than normal.

Be careful out there this November, D.C.

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