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How a German artist uses Google Earth to create aerial-view carpets

November 2, 2011 - 09:50 AM
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The view from above. (Photo:

We've been talking a little more than usual about airports lately, so I feel it's only appropriate to highlight a German designer and artist named David Hanauer. He has designed carpets that feature aerial views of different towns and cities using — what else? — the wonder of Google Earth.

"My aim was to develop a contemporary Persian rug," Hanauer tells this Deutsche Welle broadcaster in the video below.

The man had once wanted to be a tailor, but I'm glad he's moved on to these wild rugs. How much more 21st-century can you get? So much about these carpets relies on our transportation advances of the 20th century and could not have existed without the power of flight. The aerial-view rugs he designs have been dubbed "Worldwide Carpets" and you can check out many of them on Hanauer's website. What a cool concept for carpet design.

Here, watch a video interview with Hanauer below and hear how he articulates the idea:

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