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Metro versus the 1% at the Dupont Circle escalators

November 10, 2011 - 02:25 PM
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(Photo: flickr/elvertbarnes)

 Did you hear the one about the Metro rider who lost her $12,000 century-old ring full of diamonds and sapphires in the Dupont Circle Metro escalators? Alaina Van Horn lost her ring last weekend while removing a glove. Van Horn clearly seems stricken in the interviews I've seen although I can't help but notice — fancy rings? Gloves? This sounds like a case of the 1% descending into our Metro system and occupying our escalators. Metro staff immediately hopped to and have been hunting for the piece of jewelry throughout the week ... but they still haven't found it. 

It was also eye-opening to consider the world of expensive jewelry. A Google Shopping search turned up rings priced as high as like $950,000. Imagine losing one of those! It's a terrifying thought.

Does anyone actually wear jewelry costing so many thousands of dollars? Perhaps, but as we now know, they shouldn't dare entering the Metro with all that money shining. What a doozy of a story. Here's hoping the woman gets her ring back soon. She wore it for 15 years, after all, and must be devastated. NBC Washington has their take on the loss of the "family treasure," in which Van Horn describes "hysterically crying" and reenacts losing the ring while riding on the escalator, here:

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