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Picture of the day: The Metro map, arranged out of threads

November 22, 2011 - 02:40 PM
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Take Metro home with you. (Photo: flickr/spec-ta-cles)

Kristen Paulson specializes in "urban embroidery, thread manipulation, alternative designs, supplies, and vintage finds," according to her Etsy webpage, so it's no surprise she would find a creative way to twist and present our Washington, D.C. Metro map. Paulson, a social worker, artist, and roller derby enthusiast based out of Kansas City, crafted this simple and awesome embroidery that depicts the lines of the D.C. Metro, from Red to Blue to Yellow to Green to Orange, all represented in thread.

Photos of her delightful take on our map first emerged in mid-summer and she now sells the item for $34 on Etsy. Paulson describes the map this way:

The D.C. metro map is hand stitched with tight half stitches in vibrant floss, representing the red, orange, blue, and yellow, and green lines, on muslin fabric. Stretched on a 6" wooden hoop.

Wonderful abstract decor that will be a wonderful conversational piece for any room, shelf, or cubicle space.

What a fun creation. I definitely wouldn't mind having that on my wall.

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