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Picture of the day: The shiny stained glass of the Columbia Heights Metro

November 15, 2011 - 02:07 PM
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(Photo: John Hendel)

Any sense of where the photo above might come from? We have the lovely vibrant colors of stained glass, perfectly fit for a church. Yet the photo depicts D.C. transit and not any religious structure at all. The photo captures none other than the Columbia Heights Metro station on 14th Street.

WMATA may do a lot of questionable things but one element I appreciate are the touches of art around the Metro system when they do appear. I was stopping by Columbia Heights the other week and noticed this sparkly display after grabbing a sandwich. On a daily basis I see the murals at Petworth. WMATA has run their Art in Transit program for the last several years and have sporadically approved and helped add these different artistic flairs to their stations. Last year, for instance, they approved public art for the Farragut and Takoma stations. Here's a map of the WMATA stations with public art. This artwork takes the form of "murals, mosaics, stained glass panels, sculpture, and other artwork," according to WMATA's Art in Transit webpage.

At least we have the occasional pretty image while we're struggling up broken escalators and dealing with Metro delays, no? That's a small point about our transit system worth celebrating. As grim and gray as the underground stations themselves might be, WMATA has made efforts in the past to liven them.

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