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Walking it back: D.C. transportation gets smashed and beaten

November 6, 2011 - 10:53 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

D.C. transportation carried more risks and fears than usual this first week of November. Commutes continued as usual but with revelations about wrecked vehicles and great fights. These transportation dangers took many forms and affected all modes from the Metro to biking to driving. Let's review the biggest stories of the week — and use these incidents to grow even more cautious and aware when we're on the road and on the Metro:

Smashed cars littered Euclid Street NW on Friday morning with little initial indication of why or how. Dinosaurs? The Hulk? Police were finally able to tell me what happened late that afternoon.

• Here watch another fierce brawl break out on the Metro's Green Line.

• Watch out for angry drivers, D.C. They've scared Disrict bicyclists to the point where they want specal legal protection against harassment. Several gathered at a hearing of the D.C. Council last week where they testified about their fears and concerns over a new potential law — and revealed the identity of the bicyclist struck on Rhode Island Ave in that one startling video.

• The danger of sneezing at the wheel ... a sneezing attack led to a death in Salisbury not long ago.

• A big bronze statue of Ronald Reagan now greets travelers coming to the Ronald Reagan airport. See photos of the 900-pound immensity now.

• A Metro station manager at Anacostia is accused of sleeping on the job in a new video.

Is transit a civil right?

• DDOT is seeking bids for the construction of the Rhode Island Ave. Pedestrian Bridge near the Met Branch Trail.

• A German designer makes fantastic carpets using the magic of Google Earth.

• The White House really wants us to invest in transportation and good infrastructure.

• Bike polo! Recall the great bicycle renaissance of 1936.

• The Chevy is 100 years old, D.C. Can you believe it?

• What the Metro Forward repairs have accomplished.

Last week: Learn the many problems and frustrations of MetroAccess.

Remember to turn your clocks back, D.C.! Daylight's saving time happened last night and I hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep.

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