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This article originally noted that Trader Joe's is only located in nine U.S. states when, in fact, the chain operates in far more. We regret the error.

Trader Joe's presents the tastiest Metro ride ever in Clarendon

January 2, 2012 - 09:19 AM
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Welcome to Cheese Metro station. (Photo: Reddit/Xiann)

A new Trader Joe's location opened in Clarendon on Nov. 18, and the grocery store presents a special theme — our favorite local transit system WMATA.

"It's sort of a retro, '40s look," Trader Joe's Stephanie Jenson told me Friday afternoon. "Every Trader Joe's tries to pull from its location and uses what's most recognizable."

In their little spot of Arlington County, Virginia, what's most recognizable is the local Clarendon Metro station. Google Maps places the 1109 North Highland Street grocery store at 171 feet from the station and suggests it'll take you only 48 seconds to walk the distance. As Jenson said, the Metro is heart of the area.

Two local artists produced the various Metro-themed decorations around the grocery store, which include a Metro station located on a beach and little train displays next to different food groups, complete with food group-specific pylons.

Chocolate strawberries
(Photo: Stephanie Jenson)

The display above gives a taste of how the quirky grocery store, now spread throughout more than two dozen states in the U.S., uses Metro. I love the image and was intrigued after seeing it emerge online in the week (hat tip to the local folks on Reddit and user Xiann, who inspired my call to the store). In the display, we see a portion of a WMATA train riding over a row of food items. Inside the train are a man, a woman, and a goat.

"Oh my!" the blonde woman thinks in a cartoon thought bubble, her hand raised to her chin, "Joe does have amazing prices on cheese!"

Fitting thought, given these commuters are riding into a faux Metro station identified on its pylon as simply "Cheese."

"We do all our own artwork," Jenson told me about the Trader Joe's displays. "We have great artists." 

Chocolate strawberries
(Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Jenson)
Chocolate strawberries
(Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Jenson)
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