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Santa Claus has no love for Metrobus

December 6, 2011 - 11:40 AM
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Santa? (Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Overton)

The weather has begun to chill, Metro now features the occasional Christmas carol, and leaves continue to fall. Yes, it's that season — and it seems Santa Claus has, in fact, come to town ... and he rides the Metrobus.

Why might that be? Perhaps the bearded man is investigating whether WMATA is naughty or nice. Should he gift Metro with better escalators and running trains or leave the transit agency's system fraught with delays and smells and dysfunction? I suspect he's flown into town under the radar, perhaps inspired by talk of higher Metro fares and yesterday's kerfuffle about farecard machines not accepting credit or debit cards. Or perhaps his reindeer simply ditched him, and public transportation was the only option. It's hard to say. Look at the somber concentration on that face. What must he be thinking? Who is he judging? He probably doesn't want to be noticed.

But commuter Andrew Overton spotted the man and snapped a photo on his iPhone yesterday. He tweeted the photo, featured here with Overton's permission, from his account, @AROverton, and expressed his amazement: "Doesn't Santa Clause have a better method of transportation than the Metrobus?"

So you would think. But Claus may be here with a purpose. Be on your best behavior, WMATA.

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