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Walking it back: Cyclists eye new bike lanes, a gender gap, and a scam infographic

December 17, 2011 - 11:28 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

The bicycle won this week out of the many modes of transportation covered here at On Foot. There were stories worth cheering and stories worth fearing — and all looking forward to the future. But news of all sorts emerged, including an entirely new transportation option in the District. The holidays are fast approaching, D.C., and the year's final big push of track work is happening, most significantly on the Red Line.

Enjoy the final weeks of 2011, starting with a review of the biggest transportation stories of the past week:

• Here's a map of the new proposed bike lanes for 2012 as well as a map of killer bike parking around D.C.

• Watch out, D.C. college students. The Council is considering taking away your ability to buy reciprocity tags and park in our neighborhood streets.

• Let's all sing the taxicab blues ... or should we? Higher cab fares are on the way but we'll be able to use credit cards by fall of next year. And if you want to pay more sooner rather than later and get higher quality service, consider checking out a newcomer to the D.C. transportation scene — use your smartphone to summon your new private driver from Uber.

• We're all suckers for a great infographic, and the nation's media and bicyclists went crazy for a recent pro-bike one ... too bad the whole thing was a ploy for a scamming link farm. Even The Huffington Post and Fast Company fell prey to the bogus scheme.

•  Why do so many more men ride bikes than women? This week, nine women gathered to talk about the question and brainstorm solutions.

• Zipcar presents a lively tone but sometimes it's positively puzzling.

• Find out the Metro stations where all the worst crime is happening.

• Harriet Tregoning wants us to live where we work.

• Yeah, yeah, Metro paid $200,000 for a report. So what?

• The 11th Street Bridge Project hits another milestone. You can start driving on one of the two new freeways Monday morning.

• Don't let winter catch you off-guard.

• Sneaky DDOT tricks, circa 1962.

• The federal government wants to tear that cell phone right from your car-driving hands in every single state, we learned.

• Why the seat belt matters.

Last week: Watch the amazing, the fun, the terrifying Metro Swing, which turns a WMATA train into a jungle gym.

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