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Walking it back: The transportation news you missed over Thanksgiving

December 3, 2011 - 11:55 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

Welcome to December, D.C. We haven't walked it back for awhile now thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday that landed at the end of last week, so we've got more news than usual to review this weekend. I hope your first weekend of December is going well. Remember, six Metro stations are closed due to track work. You may also want to check out Metro's update about how the transit agency is handling winter weather this year. And watch out for the Colonials basketball team riding the Metro on Sunday. Let's hope they don't have to wait on the platform too long.

Here's the biggest transportation stories of the past couple weeks that you might want to revisit this December:

• A red light camera fined a driver $150 for stopping in the crosswalk, and she's been fighting the ticket, with video in hand, for most of 2011. Is she paying the right price for her transgression?

• Five Capital Bikeshare stations will come to the National Mall. See where the National Park Service is considering putting them.

• In Missouri, a Greyhound bus driver was tired of her passengers ... and simply left the bus.

• Maybe buy an electric car this holiday season? More than 40 new charging stations are coming to the region.

• No one likes or trusts Metro escalators these days despite WMATA's recent ceremonies.

• Do you know a driver who struck a few bicyclists on the GW Parkway earlier this fall? There's a $10,000 reward for you if you can help find the man responsible for the alleged violence.

•  Deck the halls of Metro with Christmas carols, one rider says. He's begun his carolling on WMATA trains already this year.

• A bunch of gas stations have united against  gas mogul Joe Mamo in a new coalition. Have they asked you to support Mary Cheh's bill yet?

• And if gas isn't your thing, try autogas! Virginia Clean Cities would sure be happy if you did. They're all about the propane.

• But Walmart says it might bring electric car charging stations and Capital Bikeshare.

• See the Metro map made out of threads.

• And then watch a former MetroAccess driver's video about his beer-drinking negligent bosses ... one that MV Transportation is not happy about and blasts as misleading.

• Remember the virtues of Spotcycle, the bikesharing app that'll tell you where to turn for a new Capital Bikeshare station.

• Tweet tweet. Yes, I saw a cute bird on the Metro — it's not an everyday sight, and I, for one, was pleasantly surprised.

• People talk a lot about Metro complaints lately ... but what about Metro commendations? They went way up after the earthquake.

The Dupont Underground is on the way.

• Thanksgiving travel: planes or trains?

• Don't forget your double dose of transit history. First there's Sen. Claghorn, a parody from 1940s radio with ridiculous Southern traffic solutions for D.C., and then there was a look back at how many pedestrians were run down back in 1931. On that note, I also encourage you to review some of Chevy's old films about America, inspired by Cold War ideological struggles.

• The GOVgreen national conference happened this week and offered more innovative bikes, electric cars, the wild, weird Trikke, and sustainable pavers that you could ever hope to navigate.

Last week: Here's the best WMATA conductor on the Orange Line.

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