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Walking it back: 2012 begins on an ominous note

January 7, 2012 - 09:15 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

Welcome to the weekend, D.C. I hope you're enjoying things so far on these couple January days. Are you, perhaps, considering joining the No Pants Ride on Metro this Sunday?

The No Pants Ride is one of the few bright spots for Metro these days. The transit agency had an extraordinarily unfortunate first week, with rails cracking and parts falling off and people killing themselves. I even wondered if the agency was cursed. But see for yourself. Let's review the biggest transportation stories in our past four-day week:

• Yesterday a 56-year-old Alexandria woman killed herself at the Van Dorn Street Metro station. A Metro rider on the Blue Line train that killed her shared his account of what happened on the train and after.

• Watch out, drivers. We learned that the D.C. police quadrupled the number of tickets they've been giving out to people who block bike lanes.

• Video of New Year's Eve celebrations on the Metro ... they include clapping, dancing, and "Baby Got Back."

• A driver caught a MetroAccess falling asleep at a red light. No surprise given how much drivers have decried their working schedules in the last few months.

The Washington Post slams the electric car, and General Motors keeps insisting its own Chevy Volt won't catch on fire.

• I looked back at some of the big transportation issues of 2011 that we'll continue to hear a lot about in 2012.

• Trader Joe's opened in Clarendon last November and features plenty of WMATA-themed decorations.

• The Capital Beltway earns a lot of hate on Yelp.

• Yes, our Metro system is old and busted. But is the groaning of the escalators really music? That's one way to look on the bright side.

• At least our cars' gasoline isn't full of lead anymore though. Review this piece of dangerous transportation history.

• Maybe we should be more like Long Island? The LIRR has suicide prevention posters and Alec Baldwin.

Last week: Take a ride on North Korea's strange, colorful Metro system.

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