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Walking it back: Don't freeze the weekend away

January 21, 2012 - 09:05 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

Happy Saturday, D.C. I hope you're staying warm amid all the reports of chilly weather and the buzz over the "wintry mix" we heard yesterday afternoon. On top of the cold, of course, there's Metro track work — we'll be experiencing delays on one, two, three (can it be?), four, and yes, I'm afraid we've counted right, five out of five Metro tracks this weekend. Whew. No one said that achieving a state of good repair was easy or without commuter pain.

The past short week has contained a medley of transportation news items, many of which are a little oddball. Let's walk our way back through the biggest stories now:

• Two WMATA employees allegedly stole thousands upon thousands of dollars ... and all for scratch-off lotto tickets? Read the tale here.

• Yes, the D.C. Taxicab Commission is trying to kill Uber, but did you hear the one about how a D.C. taxi killed America's first CIA-trained cat spy?

• Let's turn Maryland Avenue NE into a pedestrian oasis, safe for pedestrians and bicyclists and drivers all.

• Are D.C. taxis really so behind the times? Taxi Magic says they're very receptive to all the new technology out there.

• You think you know Uber ... but do you know Uber after dark? See the posh, young faces of Uber passengers in the company's "Ubers from Last Night" shadow tumblr.

Transit you can eat!

• Petworth dogs, a pedestrian menace.

• Is Uber illegal? Who knows, but the luxury car service company's CEO and the Taxicab Commissioner who blasted their illegality both spoke to Kojo Nnamdi this week. Not that much came of it, sadly ... although D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh did come out strongly on Uber's side that same afternoon.

• Here's WMATA's full study of Metro regional benefits, the $200,000 one.

• Watch out, Joe Mamo. The D.C. Council is still floating that bill that targets you and your gas stations.

Last Week: 33 photos of the hilarious, bizarre spectacle of the No Pants Metro Ride.

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