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Hail to the D.C. UBERcade

February 21, 2012 - 09:29 AM
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(Photo: Uber)

Uber, a new tech-savvy luxury car service that launched in D.C. late last year, is a master at grabbing attention. The company's latest stunt was pegged to President's Day yesterday and involved what its staff have called an "UBERcade."

"Monday is your chance to feel just as baller as Barack, rolling around town in your very own Uber motorcade: the UBERcade!" the company wrote on its D.C. Tumblr. "A few lucky riders may get a ride in the UBERcade, featuring three Uber Secret Service agents and two Suburbans flanking a sleek black town car. We can’t clear traffic, and we may not have tear gas, bulletproof armor, or a backup oxygen system in the trunk like B.O. does, but we guarantee that this Monday you’re going to turn some heads as you roll through town in your UBERcade."

What a bizarre yet killer marketing move. The promotion is full of personality and reminds me of the company's other unusual gestures, such as the national "Ubers from Last Night" campaign. When DCist editor-in-chief Martin Austermuhle noted the Uber idea yesterday in his evening news round-up, he suggested the company was "pushing it a little." Are they? See for yourself in the UBERcade video below:

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