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Let romance transport you on Valentine's Day 2012

February 14, 2012 - 10:37 AM
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Cupid is ready to guide you. (Photo: flickr/muffet)

Welcome to Feb. 14, D.C. Valentine's Day. Probably half of you are ready to groan at the commercial weight and expectation assigned to today, so let's move right on to the point — transportation guides our Valentine's Day dates (literally), and the District's transportation companies and car-free advocates are here with some treats to make the day a little easier.

If you want to save money on roses, then let me direct you first to Uber. The luxury transportation company has been in the District for more than two months now, controversially and smartphone-hailable and offering $15-minimum trips. After launching a PR campaign with "love" in its name last month, Uber is already set for Valentine's Day and wants to convince you that their black classy cars are synonymous with romance.

In that spirit, expect roses and Valentine's-themed M&Ms in your D.C. Uber cars today. You can also receive $5 in Uber credit if you tweet a photo of yourself in one of the vehicles with "with your favorite Uber pickup line" along with the hashtag #UberDCLove.

Uber is even trying to stir your inner romantic on its national blog and relays three Uber-fueled love stories about engagement. Here's one:

I approached Uber as a part of my super secret surprise engagement plan. From the get go, Uber was extremely helpful in assisting in planning and setup for my engagement surprise. I worked hand in hand with them developing a strategy that would work, and once the final product was in place we were good to go. When the engagement happened, the car was waiting there with an umbrella in hand, and the driver was so happy for us. My experience with Uber and my engagement will not soon be forgotten.

Valentine's Day, of course, shouldn't require a fancy car for a little intimacy. D.C. has many transportation options, from taxicabs to limos to the Metro to bikes to Zipcar to even the bus.

In no place is this more apparent than Arlington County. Arlington's Car Free Diet Challenge posed the idea of a car-free date. Let Car-Free Kyle show you the art of seduction straight from the plastic seats of Metro and the handlebars of Capital Bikeshare:

The video highlights the range of car-free options in D.C., but Arlington County isn't the only entity in the D.C. metro area pushing for you to celebrate car-free this Valentine's Day. I'd be remiss to exclude the District Department of Transportation initiative GoDCGo's date competition. More than a hundred people have already commented on one of the organization's blog posts in an attempt to win one of two Feb. 18 date night packages "with a transit twist." The two date options include an evening of theater and dinner on top of the Metro and bikeshare that the sustainable transportation organizers want you to consider. Find more details here.

And though Uber may give out free flowers with its rides, Zipcar also understands your romantic needs. Consider this discount:

Need flowers for your Valentine? Zipsters receive $25 off one-time gifts at @_HBloom w/code ZIPCARDC. We (heart) that!
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Feel the transportation love yet?

Travel safely this Valentine's Day, D.C., and try to enjoy in spite of all the commercial, syrupy, and crowded dimensions the holiday carries. Know that at least some of our transportation options are on your side.

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