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Let's charge electric cars wirelessly through the highway itself

February 6, 2012 - 09:18 AM
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How to solve the problem of electric-car infrastructure and the "range anxiety" that results from charging stations being located too far apart? Just charge the cars through the highways themselves. One group of Stanford researchers has proposed that very answer, which involves the wireless manipulation of magnetic fields. The team published their studies in Applied Physics Letters back in November of last year and conclude that our technology is capable of transferring energy as high as the very efficient rate of 97%.

"Eventually we would like to charge the electrical vehicle on the highway when it's running," said researcher Xiaofang Yu in Stanford's video on the research.

Stanford's press service has some additional information from the researchers.

But what cool, fascinating studies, no? Scientists have talked energy transfers like this for decades but rarely has the idea been properly treated and executed. What Stanford has produced is a far cry from the infrastructure itself, but this research is a promising sign, especially with new car-sharing services that incorporate electric cars and new charging stations coming to the District.

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