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Today the Dupont Circle Metro's south entrance is closed

February 1, 2012 - 07:30 AM
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(Photo: flickr/DCist)

Brace yourself, Dupont Circle transit-lovers. WMATA today closes the Dupont Circle's southern entrance in order to replace the three escalators. The current escalators stretch 188 feet long and rise 85 feet up to the surface, and WMATA describes them as "among the least reliable and most difficult to maintain" of the system's 588. They were first installed in 1997 and will know the step of District feet no longer.

The entrance isn't expected to open up again for more than eight months, sadly, and you can read more on the bleak news and alternate transportation options at WMATA's site.

Yet most unexpectedly, WMATA's social media manager Brian Anderson began tweeting out photos of the expiring escalators shortly after 10 p.m. last night along with lyrics to "I Will Remember You," Sarah McLachlan's classic song about loss, from the official @WMATA Twitter account. Hilariously strange as well as fun, Anderson's tweets provoked more than a few Metro riders. You have to see these tweets and photos to believe them:

And if the thought of idle and broken escalators still gets you too depressed, just watch this video. Escalators, we should remember, never really break. They simply become stairs.

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