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D.C. police kindly remind residents to watch out for pedestrians

March 20, 2012 - 01:12 PM
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(Photo: flickr/benthomas)

The D.C. police handed out pedestrian safety reminders recently on the streets of the District.

Here's an example of their leaflet, entitled "Pedestrian Safety for Drivers."

The leaflet breaks down three different scenarios: A)At crosswalks and intersections without traffic signals. B)At intersections with signals. C)Right Turn on Red After Stop. The leaflet also reminds drivers of the hundreds of dollars they can be fined for a collision. These moments all concern when drivers should give pedestrians the right of way. The Pedestrian Advisory Council recently testified before the D.C. Council about the need for greater pedestrian safety efforts — and if you're truly concerned, the District Department of Transportation outlined the 24 most dangerous intersections for those traveling on foot. It's a small gesture but a good one. What commuter doesn't need reminders about the importance of pedestrian safety?

Matt Ackland noted police handing out these reminders at 15th and Pennsylvania yesterday on Twitter.

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