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Metro hypes 7000-series rail cars but forgets the spell check

March 9, 2012 - 01:03 PM
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(Photo: WMATA)

Next stop: Farrabut North? Woodlley Park? A model for a new Metro car features these misspellings now, but Metro assures riders that we'll face no such embarrassments in the sleek cars themselves next year.

This week, WMATA has attempted to build suspense for the 364 new 7000-series rail cars, which are being designed by Japan's Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc. and going to be built in Lincoln, Nebraska. Much of the new order will be used to replace the older 1000-series cars and operate the Silver Line to Dulles.

Yesterday WMATA social media manager Brian Anderson create some hype with a dramatic 24-second clip spotlighting the cars. Watch the epic preview released yesterday:

The music, the cuts ... it's an adventure of anticipation. Then today, WMATA released the video of Metro General Manager Richard Sarles showing off the pretty, futuristic rail car as he walks through a full-scale model. He points out the many genuine amenities.

Sounds perfect ... except for the misspellings, which unfortunately are featured on the very screengrab of the video:

After riders immediately pointed out the misspellings on both Facebook and Twitter this morning, WMATA acknowledged the snafu:

Hey, this is why people build models, right? The rest of the new rail car looks pretty neat.

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