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Metro's new Rush Plus map is here

March 19, 2012 - 12:26 PM
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(Photo: WMATA)

Metro's new map, which will come to stations and riders this coming summer, is now public early, noted first at Unsuck D.C. Metro this morning. 

Take a look at the new Metro map here in PDF form.

What do you think? We've got snazzy new dotted bars to mark the Rush Plus patterns of service that will begin on June 18. We've got the ghostly wisps of the Silver Line in the western portions of the map. We have each line bookended with letters spelling out their colors ("RD" for red, "YL" for yellow, etc.) to help the colorblind. Little tweaks update other aspects of the map, with the prohibition on music now represented by what appears like an iPod rather than a boombox. I first reported on the Rush Plus realignment, which will change how Metro distributes its trains, back in February. WMATA now devotes a section of its website to explaining the changes.

What strikes me as a small shame is how much in flux the Metro system is — the fact that we don't know the Silver Line station names yet gives this draft of the Metro map a short shelf life. While I imagine most elements of the map will remain more or less permanent for years, WMATA will probably want to release a new map in the next couple years once the Silver Line formally opens and establishes its station names.

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