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One WABA member will bike from New York to D.C. to raise money

March 12, 2012 - 01:20 PM
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(Photo: Climate Ride)

300 miles, five days. Would you bike that distance? A couple hundred bicyclists will assume the challenge this May as part of the 2012 Climate Ride, which has created marathon bike rides across the country since 2008 in order to raise money for non-profits and environmentally friendly, bike-friendly organizations.

The New York-to-D.C. ride is scheduled to start on May 19 with a departure from Manhattan and will continue through May 23. The crew of bicyclists is just about final now, and at least one D.C. bicyclist has already begun reaching out to help raise the $2,400 minimum that each bicyclist is assigned to rally. Here, meet Bryce Golden-Chen: "I've chosen to join Climate Ride for many reasons, most broadly for my health and for the health of the planet supporting all of us who live on it," Golden-Chen writes on his fundraising page. "This is a fitness challenge and a greater commitment to cycling for me, both as a hobby and as a mode of commuting here in D.C."

Golden-Chen is a member of D.C.'s own Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) and has chosen the cycling advocacy group as one of the five organizations to benefit from his fundraising ride. "They're a very pro-active and results-oriented group," Golden-Chen writes of WABA.

The other organizations he's selected (out of more than 40 options) include The Alliance for Climate Education, Institute for Sustainable Communities, Green America, and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, the last of which has been especially active in promoting the use of certain trails in D.C. like the Met Branch Trail.

By day, the bicyclist works as a program administrator for the National Climate Assessment here in D.C. and helps plan events, workshops, and more as part of the government's efforts to bring its climate change research to practice. He spent his undergrad and grad years at Stanford, where he focused on the interdisciplinary Earth Systems Program. Not bad, Bryce Golden-Chen. And now, with a snazzy video and song, the man hopes to bike across the country ... and for good causes at that! Climate Ride carefully schedules out the five-day trip, with 45 miles slated for the first day and around 60 for each subsequent day. The organizers help assure regular stops, snacks, and meals as well as nightly expert speakers and hot showers at various retreats or summer camp locations. From Amish country to horse country to the green stretches of the Garden State, the Climate Ride will take Golden-Chen south along the East Coast until he reaches the capital. Most of the scores of participants will then meet with their congressional representatives, as arranged by Climate Ride, if they happen to have any (sorry, D.C.).

Golden-Chen has already raised close to $500, it appears, from a glance at his fundraising page at Climate Ride. Learn more about how to donate here.

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