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'Potholepalooza' is returning to D.C. roads in late April

April 3, 2012 - 10:23 AM
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(Photo: flickr/deborahfitchett)

Did you think D.C. government had forgotten? Dismissed the idea due to warm weather?

Nope. Get ready now, D.C., because the District Department of Transportation recently announced via their social media channels that Potholepalooza, a month-long pothole-killing event first held in 2009 and responsible for filling about 6,000 potholes that year alone, will return on the tentative date of April 17. Last year the city filled more than 5,000, with as many as 585 filled in a single day. Normally the event is already well underway, lasting from mid-March to mid-April, but the mild weather of the last 12 months has resulted in fewer potholes and a late start.

Once the campaign begins, D.C. residents are also expected to play a role. "Residents and commuters are encouraged to phone in (311), go online, tweet or email requests for pothole repairs," DDOT notes about Potholepalooza month.

Far fewer potholes plague our roads, according to recent estimates, but the problem is hardly gone — drivers, bicyclists, taxicabs, and buses contend with the potholes just about every day. An event like this is all the more necessary considering the wear and tear of all the District's roads. DDOT's documents reveal that about half of D.C.'s roads are considered subpar and are regarded as "fair" or "poor" quality, which is the last thing you want in a city fraught with nightmare commutes (although all that traffic is often responsible for the bad roads in the first place). That's more than 500 subpar miles of road.

But rest easy, D.C. Potholes, at least, are scheduled for a filling.

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