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Metro explains Rush+ in video form

April 20, 2012 - 09:04 AM
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(Photo: WMATA)

Have you reached your Rush+ saturation point yet? WMATA will begin the new train rush-hour pattern on June 18 and has begun pulling out every trick in the book to make you pay attention. The transit agency even decorated 12 railcars with Rush+ material and held a Twitter contest to get riders to snap photos of the cars. Now comes the video assault, as perhaps you know from the three-in-a-row set of press releases WMATA couldn't help from sending out about it yesterday afternoon.

But let's cut to the chase — Rush+ ... the video!

This two-minute video is apparently the first among many, with others planned for specific Metro lines. Given all the changes of Rush+, videos seem like a wise enough move. Because Rush+ is not always intuitive or easy to understand when you first hear about how the trains will shift. Trains begin moving on lines they don't normally move on in rush hour now, and you have to pay extra attention to end destinations if you want to properly use the transit. What better way to show this than through dynamic visuals? I like that Metro takes us down to the map level and explains how the new Metro map will translate into new service.

The present saturation of Rush+, however tiresome now, may save WMATA a lot of grief and confusion when the new service actually launches.

Update, 2:28 p.m.: Check out WMATA's Rush Plus landing page to get some of the Metro line-specific videos now. The interactive Rush+ map allows people to click on different lines to bring up their specific commuting information. My favorite part? How cheerful the WMATA video voice manages to sound in the one bit of downer news: "Some may wait up to six minutes longer for a Blue Line train." But mostly WMATA tries to emphasize the positive ways in which it will "improve service for nearly 110,000 customers on the Green, Yellow, Blue and Orange lines." Naturally.

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