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The 'One City' streetcar line? Community says no thanks

April 13, 2012 - 08:07 AM
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(Photo: DDOT)

Last night District government officials attempted to hold a quarterly update meeting on the progress with the first proposed line of the D.C. streetcar network, a 2.5-mile stretch from Benning Road down along H Street to Union Station. This debut line, we've learned, will be called "One City," reflecting Mayor Vince Gray's branding for the District. The mayor has committed $237.3 million in capital funding to the project over the next six years. But did anyone really want to hear from these officials?

No. By all accounts, residents from Ward 5 and beyond were not remotely happy or prepared to listen to the presentation about car barns or why Spingarn High School was chosen as a car barn site out of nine options or how more Capital Bikeshare stations will apparently be coming to H Street despite concerns. The car barn, officials explained, is vital for a launch in late summer or early fall 2013 and is intended as a 3-streetcar facility of about 15,000 square feet. "The District envisions a state-of-the-art training center, where DCPS students will be trained to join a dynamic and growing industry," the presentation notes. The next quarterly update meeting will be in early summer. Will that one feature less jeering?

Here's how the reaction played out online:


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