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Why Farragut West Metro features glowing spheres on its wall

April 16, 2012 - 10:49 AM
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(Photo: flickr/mat_the_w)

Have you observed Farragut West Metro station's glowing spheres when you emerge onto the street lately? They're art! WMATA released a video Q&A with artist Michael Enn Sirvet about his inspiration and the materials used to craft the unearthly LED display. "Currently, I am producing sculptural art forms in metals, hardwoods and various other materials," the artist explains on his website, "and, in addition, capturing their still and moving images in interesting and complimentary settings."

At the very least, his latest creation provides a little more illumination for the District's commuters. Our transit may occasionally reek of fish and lack consistently functioning escalators, but let's not forget we have art and poetry at some of our stations, right? I had noticed the sight in the last few weeks and been curious. Are you a fan?

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