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WMATA overwhelms 12 Metro railcars with Rush+ flair

April 11, 2012 - 08:02 AM
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(Photo: Courtesy of WMATA)

WMATA really wants its riders to understand Rush+, a rush-hour train realignment scheduled to start June 18, 2012. To that end, the transit agency has decked out 12 Metro railcars entirely with Rush+ advertisements.

You see all the Rush+ signs in that car above? Ads run alongside the car above the windows. It receives placement at the end of the car across from the map. WMATA is even including some Rush+ promotional spots on the ceilings of their cars to ensure there's nowhere you can look without getting reminded of the new train service to come, which promises "more frequent train service at 21 stations" that benefits 110,000 riders on the Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green lines.

Here's what the ceiling spots look like:

Chocolate strawberries
(Photo: Courtesy of WMATA)

What do you think?

WMATA chief spokesperson Dan Stessel explains that the agency wants riders as aware of the Rush+ change as possible, initially starting with name recognition and then moving on to a more "educational, detail-driven message" from mid-May through its June 18 launch.

Expect videos, from a broad overview of what Rush+ is to Metro line-specific videos to help riders know what will affect them. Metro is also in the process of educating its front-line employees about what Rush+ will entail so they can easily answer any rider questions about the change. WMATA will buy some advertising space in local newspapers to promote the message. The agency is also acquiring new Rush+ station signs.

Keep your eyes open for these new Rush+ified cars this week. Stessel told me that Metro plans to give riders a chance at winning prizes — including a poster-size version of the new Metro map — if they tweet photos of the new railcars.

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