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Capital Bikeshare hits two million trips

May 17, 2012 - 02:42 PM
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(Photo: flickr/SLOCountyBicyclingCoalition)

The acceleration of Capital Bikeshare's growth has perhaps begun to make these milestones irrelevant. Nevertheless, take note, D.C. — our capital's bikeshare system of more than 150 stations just hit two million trips right in the midst of Bike to Work Week.

Consider the dates: the bikeshare network opened on September 20, 2010; hit half a million rides on June 1, 2011; hit one million rides on its first birthday of September 20, 2011; then 1.5 million rides by mid-February, 2012; and now, on the afternoon of May 17, the service has clocked two million rides. Pay attention to how these milestones have sped up. A year ago, the service still hadn't hit even half a million trips and now it's hit two million. That's nearly a million and a half of these trips in a single year.

Here's a graph showing how Capital Bikeshare's trip numbers have soared since it debuted in late 2010:

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(Photo: Capital Bikeshare)

There's no mistaking the direction of that arc. Even though the data doesn't yet show April 2012, we know it's broken another record with 174,354 trips. The bikeshare network is about to expand to Alexandria, Virginia, which will only add to the number of trips ... and the speed at which the numbers are accelerating.

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