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Metro opens doors

May 15, 2012 - 01:25 PM
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(Photo: flickr/elvertbarnes)

I wrote about WMATA's growing train door problems not long ago but never imagined hearing about an incident like this. Earlier today the transit agency acknowledged that a Metro train door opened while the railcar was moving:

Disturbing. Unsuck D.C. Metro first flagged a photo tweeted of the incident early this morning, and The Examiner reports additional details, that we're talking about a 1000-series Red Line train between Van Ness and Tenleytown from this morning.

Here's a question though. If Metro does have to pull any of its 1000-series fleet, what would that do to WMATA's Rush+ service scheduled to start on June 18? WMATA has 290 1000-series railcars, which comprise about a quarter of Metro's total fleet.

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