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What the 3rd Street Tunnel traffic looked like after last Friday's bus fire

May 23, 2012 - 09:17 AM
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(Photo: IAFF Local 36)

Tunnels have always scared me. Here's a vision of why in a few moments of video showing what happened to traffic in D.C.'s 3rd Street Tunnel last Friday after an empty schoolbus in the process of being towed caught fire and created massive delays throughout the middle of the day. Luckily the incident resulted in no deaths and only three injuries. What's your big transportation fear? The idea of a tunnel filled with traffic always struck me as particularly eerie and claustrophobically enclosed. The city closed the tunnel for a couple hours as they cleared the mess, with cars trapped in the meantime, according to media reports from WUSA and WTOP. I followed along with the updates at the time last week but now can't stop imagining the experience for the commuters watching this unfold, as we see in the three minutes of a YouTube clip below. Commuting, at its worst of times, comes with a sense of dread.

Take a look at the slow, confusing mess here:

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