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Here's the 28 Metro stations with anti-sexual harassment PSAs

June 8, 2012 - 10:00 AM
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(Photo: WMATA)

It was just this February that advocates testified before the D.C. Council about tales of sexual harassment and woefully inadequate reporting measures on WMATA. Within a couple months, WMATA acknowledged the seriousness of the issues, met with the principal individuals concerned, and created new mechanisms to report sexual harassment as well as sexual harassment PSAs throughout the Metro system in both English and Spanish. In an April meeting with the Riders' Advisory Council, WMATA staff explained the campaign would unfold in three phases:

• Phase One: Web portal, email address and launch, which have been created;

 • Phase Two: Public Service Announcements in the Metro System, which will be rolled out in phases throughout 2012;

• Phase Three: Employee training, including brochures, training programs and employee training videos.

Holly Kearl, of Stop Street Harassment as well as a Collective Action for Safe Spaces board member, was one of the people who has pressured Metro for months, and she recently posted a list of the 28 Metro staitons that now feature PSAs. Have you spotted them? One of the PSAs first announced, modeled off a Boston transit PSA, featured a line that a few people found somewhat cringe-worthy: Rub against me and I'll expose you. Other PSAs have begun circulating throughout the system, however, and are now in more than two dozen stations. Another prominent line notes, I'm not the one who should be ashamed. Here's the listing of the full 28, which Kearl recently provided, some stations listed multiple times to underscore multiple PSAs at that station:

1. Addison Road Metro
2. Ballston Metro
3. Benning Road Metro
4. Benning Road Metro – Spanish
5. Capitol Heights Metro
6. Cheverly Metro
7. Cheverly Metro – Spanish
8. Clarendon Metro
9. Cleveland Park Metro
10. DuPont Circle Metro
11. Eisenhower Metro – Spanish
12. Eisenhower Metro
13. Foggy Bottom Metro – Spanish
14. Forest Glenn Metro
15. Forest Glenn Metro
16. Fort Totten Metro – Spanish
17. Fort Totten Metro
18. Franconia-Springfield Metro
19. Franconia-Springfield Metro – Spanish
20. Georgia Avenue Petworth Metro
21. Glenmont Metro
22. Glenmont Metro – Spanish
23. Grosvenor Metro
24. Huntington Metro
25. Judiciary Square Metro – Spanish
26. Landover Metro
27. Landover Metro
28. L’Enfant Plaza Metro – Spanish
29. New Carrollton Metro
30. Potomac Avenue Metro
31. Potomac Avenue Metro – Spanish
32. Prince Georges Plaza Metro
33. Prince Georges Plaza Metro – Spanish
34. Takoma Metro
35. Van Dorn Metro – Spanish
36. Van Ness 006 Metro
37. Van Ness 008 Metro
38. Waterfront 006 Metro – Spanish
39. Waterfront 007 Metro
40. Wheaton 014 Metro

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