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Signs now warn bicyclists to be careful near H Street streetcar tracks

June 7, 2012 - 10:11 AM
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(Photo: John Hendel)

Bicyclists and streetcar tracks don't generally get along. There have been countless anecdotes of bicyclists crashing along the 2.3 miles of streetcar track along H Street for the past couple years and hard data about the bike crashes in Portland. D.C. plans to install 37 miles of these streetcar tracks in the years to come as it simultaneously expands its biking infrastructure and bikeshare program ... which is worrying. The modes conflict.

But now, at least, District bicyclists will receive a warning about biking on H Street. The District Department of Transportation has installed about 21 signs over the last two to three weeks along the H Street-Benning Road stretch, both on the main road itself and on streets adjacent to it (Note, June 8, 12:47 p.m.: This post initially conveyed the DDOT estimate of 50 signs installed but now includes their updated number of 21. All 21 sign locations are now listed below). The yellow caution signs are clear — Streetcar Tracks: Bikes Use Caution. The signs are no silver bullet eliminating the risk, but they alert bicyclists to pay attention to any potential danger, and that's a substantial and easy improvement compared to the last couple years. This is the first real step toward government awareness and public education that may allow a city of both streetcars (when and if they ever come) and bicyclists.

Chocolate strawberries
(Photo: John Hendel)


1. 15th & Benning Rd. NE
2. 17th & Benning Rd
3. 21st & Benning Road
4. Oklahoma & Benning Road
5. Bladensburg & Benning Rd
6. Maryland & Benning Rd
7. Bladensburg & H St
8. 26th & Benning Road

1. 14th & H St
2. 12th & H St
3. 1th & H St
4. 8th & H St
5. 6th & H St (1st light pole east of the intersection)
6. 4th & H St

1. 3rd & H (Remove existing Notice sign)
2. 4th & H St
3. 6th & H St
4. 8th & H St
5. 10th & H St
6. 12th & H St
7. 14th & H St

Chocolate strawberries
(Photo: John Hendel)
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