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Should the Washington Nationals honor the Montreal Expos?

August 11, 2010 - 05:00 AM
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Photo: Ian Koski, Nationals Daily News

Nationals Daily News had the scoop Monday night that Nationals Park will now have the Montreal Expos logo as part of the facade of the 100-level. By including Montreal greats along with Washington greats, Ian Koski noted, it may be "the first in-stadium recognition of the franchise's history in Montreal."

At SB Nation's DC site, Chris Needham argued the Nats shouldn't ignore Montreal, but need to do more to honor the city's baseball first. Most of the fans who voted in a poll there said honoring Expos like Andre Dawson is the right thing to do, but there were also several who said they don't care about the Expos.

There was more discussion Tuesday at Federal Baseball, where Patrick Reddington writes that "the Washington Nationals are doing a good thing here." William Yurasko disagreed in the comments section: "I couldn’t go down to RFK or whatever and watch these guys play here, thus they are not part of D.C. baseball history."

Do the Nats owe it to Montreal to pay tribute to Expos history? Or does that history belong in Montreal?



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  1. Dan Rowinski Dan Rowinski

    Dan Rowinski

    Aug 11, 2010 - 10:24:25 AM

    The simple answer is yes. Without getting overly complicated or rhetorical, the Nationals ARE the Expos. There is no "should" about it.

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  2. Quo Vadimus Quo Vadimus

    Elliot Kort

    Aug 11, 2010 - 10:01:33 AM

    Yes, the Nationals should absolutely honor the Expos. Though the city changes, the name changes and the overall aesthetic changes... a team is a team. Organizations should not slight great players simply because they played while the team wore another ballcap on the field. I understand why some people might be opposed; it might feel as though the Nats are stuck in the past if they do this, instead of focusing on the present and - more important for this team - the future. But great ballplayers are great ballplayers. Honoring them doesn't diminish the Nats' collective chance for a brighter future. It simply acknowledges that there was something before the Nats that helped the team get to where it is today.

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