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After the Nyjer Morgan brawl, what should the Nationals do with him?

September 2, 2010 - 09:11 AM
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NL pitchers have barrelled through Nyjer Morgan this year. (Photo: Associated Press)

Nyjer Morgan has been a bad, bad boy lately. TBD's Samuel Chamberlain has his docket sheet of recent transgressions, including charging the mound last night (video), but it boils down to his mouth and fists causing more problems for the Nats lately than his bat and defense have been worth.

Mark Zuckerman has the must-read on Morgan, and there are too many good points to summarize. He reports that Morgan's teammates are sticking up for him -- but, as William Yurasko points out, teammates have a tendency to stick up for each other (until they reach Albert Haynesworth levels, we guess).

From a baseball standpoint, Morgan has been a disappointment this year (stats). After an electric six-week debut with the Nationals last year, his on-base skills have dipped (.396 OBP to .317) and his power has disappeared (.435 SLG to a disturbingly low .318). Even his beloved speed has disappointed, as his 33 steals are more than offset by the 15 times he's been caught, which leads the league.

But he really was good after arriving from Pittsburgh last year. Does he have enough potential to remain part of the Nationals' future, or is he not worth the trouble?





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  1. bossmanalex bossmanalex

    Alex B

    Sep 02, 2010 - 10:38:00 AM

    He's a loose cannon, not worth the trouble. Get rid of him and build some younger talent from the minors. We've got another year to rebuild anyway.

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  2. Ben Sumner Ben Sumner

    Ben Sumner

    Sep 02, 2010 - 01:43:12 PM

    Finally, the Nationals were exciting to watch this season... other than when Strasburg pitched, of course.

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