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Do the Redskins really need Brian Westbrook?

August 16, 2010 - 07:53 AM
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Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said yesterday that his team still has interest in signing former Philadelphia Eagles running backBrian Westbrook.

The two-time Pro Bowl running back, whose brother is a defensive back for Washington, received an offer from the Redskins roughly two months ago, but hasn't accepted as he is trying to find the best possible opportunity for himself.

The question, however, is do the Redskins really need Westbrook?

Despite his impressive body of work, Westbrook, 30, has never played a full 16 game schedule in his previous eight seasons in the NFL. But Shanahan believes he could help the team with his pass-catching ability and be their primary third-down back.

The Redskins' backfield is already pretty crowded, however. Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, Willie Parker, Ryan Torain and Keiland Williams.

Judging by his practice performances and the sampling he gave Friday night against Buffalo, Portis appears to have gotten his groove back. Johnson didn't play Friday, but during training camp, he has looked like the perfect, powerful sidekick for Portis. Parker has had a few decent practices, but hasn't really done that much to distinguish himself. And Torain and Williams sent a clear message against the Bills that they shouldn't be taken lightly.

So, what then? Add Westbrook and squeeze out who? There's still time for him to prove he still has it, but I haven't felt like Parker's services are needed. So, say the Redskins finally land Westbrook and ditch Parker. Does that leave Torain and/or Williams on the streets as well?

Both of the young cats have proven in training camp that they can run the ball, catch the ball and play special teams. So, I would take both as a tandem over adding Westbrook.

Even if the Redskins did land Westbrook and keep Torain and Williams, they might not see much playing time. This team is rebuilding. Better to give both young guys some run here and there to build for the future rather than adding another aging player, in my opinion.

What say ye, Redskins fans? Sound off.


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