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Redskins practice in Dulles Airport hangar

September 30, 2010 - 02:48 PM
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Mike Shanahan said not being able to practice full-speed because of weather was a blessing in disguise. (Photo: Associated Press)

When this morning's storms forced the Mike Shanahan to change the Redskins' practice plans, the coach arranged for the team to prepare for the Philadelphia Eagles in a hangar at Dulles International Airport.

"It went real well. I liked them," Shanahan said of the hangars shortly after he and his players de-boarded two charter busses at Redskins Park. "You have to make adjustments. It’s more of a walk-through, jog-through type practice to get in all your reps, but not everything’s full-speed."

Shanahan doesn't expect missing a day of full-speed practice to hurt the Redskins' preparation. Instead, he said it was a blessing in disguise.

"I think sometimes coaches overwork players," Shanahan said. "Sometimes you’re forced to give them a rest. This is a situation where today, they had been working pretty hard last week. There were three days in the 90s that we practiced in, so I think our team was a little bit tired. I thought not practicing today full-speed would probably help us, not hinder us."

Because the Redskins were limited to half-speed reps, rookie left tackle Trent Williams was able to go through the entire practice.

Williams, who missed last Sunday's game with a sprained left knee and strained big toe on his left foot, was limited in Wednesday's practice, but today "got in a lot of mental reps," Shanahan said. "So, that was good."

Shanahan said it still is hard to tell if Williams will be able to play on Sunday when the Redskins face the Eagles in Donovan McNabb's return to Philadelphia. Williams himself said that he hopes to play, but also admitted that doesn't mean he will.

"I expected to play last week, also. So, that’s not saying too much," Williams said. "It’s important to me that I be there. But I want to be there at every game, not just because he’s going back to Philly. They’re another team in the NFL that we have to play. The rest of the stuff is extracurricular. It’s about what we do between the hashes."

Williams said his toe is more of a problem than his knee right now. He believes will be able to contribute on Sunday, however.

"If I think I’m going to be a hindrance to the team, I wouldn’t let myself play," he said.

DeAngelo Hall was back in action after being limited on Wednesday by a sore back.The only player that didn't practice today was nose tackle Anthony Bryant, who missed all of last week with a concussion suffered in practice. Shanahan said that Bryant -- who was inactive in Week 1 and played in Week 2 before being held out Week 3 -- had hoped to return to action today, but still hasn't received clearance from the team's medical staff.


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