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Five questions for Shanahan on the morning after

November 1, 2010 - 07:34 AM
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Mike Shanahan's decision to bench Donovan McNabb with the game on the line isn't any more settling the day after than it was at the moment it was made. (Photo: Associated Press)

It will be an interesting day at Redskins Park today, that's for sure.

A day after benching Donovan McNabb with 1:50 left in the game, Mike Shanahan will have more explaining to do, only the coach doesn't like being questioned but most certainly will be.

Then you have the rest of the players, who immediately after the game were afraid to voice opinion one way or the other on the matter. The morning after losses, the locker room -- which is open for 45 minutes for interviews -- usually is a ghost town. You can definitely expect the same today. . . .

Shanahan will address the media at 3 p.m. Here are five questions he most certainly will be asked.

1.) A day later, after reviewing the game on film and having a chance to collect his thoughts, does he still feel like benching McNabb was the right move?

2.) If McNabb gave the Redskins the best chance to win while running the two minute drill at the end of the first half, and in the first seven games of the season, why didn't he in Detroit?

3.) At what point did Shanahan lose confidence in McNabb? (Mind you, the coach will say he never lost confidence in him, and still believes in him. But, sorry Shanny, your actions and words are saying two totally different things.)

4.) McNabb said as a quarterback running the two-minute offense, "The majority of the time you would call your own plays, but Kyle [Shanahan] had major input in it today." Why was that the case in this game? Shouldn't an 12th-year pro know how to call two plays at a time?

5.) The offensive line was struggling mightily to stop the Lions' pass rush. If they couldn't protect a more mobile McNabb, how would they have been able to protect Grossman?

We'll see how many answers we get today, and how many, "I think I explained myself pretty well" responses we get . . .

Update: 6:30 p.m. -- Shanahan surprisingly fielded as many questions on McNabb as reporters could ask. His answers, however, were just as perplexing on Monday, however, as they were on Sunday. And now, his reasons for benching McNabb are very different than they were after the game. Here's the full story from Monday afternoon's press conference.


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