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Although frustrated, Santana Moss still wants to re-sign with Redskins

December 21, 2010 - 02:33 PM
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Santana Moss still wants to re-sign with the Redskins this offseason despite a streak of disappointing campaigns. (Photo: Jay Westcott)

Wide receiver Santana Moss says that despite the continued frustration of enduring one disappointing season after another in Washington, he still wants to resign with the Redskins this offseason when he will be a free agent.

Moss’ frustrations reached a boiling point a week ago when the Redskins fell 17-16 to Tampa Bay and were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Moss, who has made the playoffs only twice during his six seasons with the Redskins, said that the continued shortcomings and losses were starting to take their toll on him.

“Throughout the years, throughout the weeks, throughout this year, when you’re losing and you don’t have no say-so as to why, that’s why it hurts, and that’s why I feel the way I feel,” Moss fumed after the loss. “I’m just getting tired of it. Everybody play for their own perspective and their own reason, but I put too much in it and it means too much.”

At 31 years of age, the 10th-year pro is aware that his window of opportunity to win a championship is shrinking. But Moss this week insists that he isn’t leery of re-signing with the Redskins in fear that Washington won’t turn things around in time for him to contend for a championship.

“Naw. No,” he told TBD. “Like I said I can only control what I can control and that’s play football. I want to play football. So if the team wants me here, I want to be here. I don’t go out looking. My mind isn’t on that anyway. My mind is on playing ball. Time will come for that. Right now I’m focused on these last games. But I’m not thinking like that anyway.”

While returning to the rebuilding Redskins doesn’t give Moss the assurance that he will play for a winner, he does know that he is a valued offensive weapon. In his first season in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, Moss has 79 catches for 956 yards and six touchdowns, which already top last year's production during a full season.

And Moss is on pace to make a career-high 90 catches and amass 1,093 yards, which would be the third-highest total of his career and the most since his first season in Washington 2005 (1,483 yards).

Moss on Sunday had eight catches for 72 yards and two touchdowns. It was the first multi-touchdown game that he has had since 2005.

Moss had a chance to win the game for Washington but dropped a bomb from Rex Grossman. The receiver told reporters in the locker room yesterday that said he was encouraged by Washington’s output, but still was just as frustrated after Sunday’s 33-30 loss as he was in the loss to Tampa Bay.

“Same. We didn't get a win,” Moss said. “You can sit here and be hip-hip-hurray, we scored 30 points. That's nothing. Unless you get that ‘W,’ then we can talk. Then we can feel good about it. But after [the showing in the Cowboys game], you do have a sense of where this offense can go.”


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  1. Waxx Waxx

    Waxx Mann

    Dec 21, 2010 - 05:41:44 PM

    they better hope he does...moss has about a good few years left....

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