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Hunter Smith discusses release on SportsTalk

December 15, 2010 - 10:27 AM
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Hours after his release from the Washington Redskins, punter Hunter Smith on Tuesday evening appeared on SportsTalk and still accepts responsibility for the botched extra point attempt, but does believe the Redskins are making an example of him.

As you'll see in the interview, Smith maintains that he should've caught Nick Sundberg's high snap and gotten it down in time for Graham Gano to make the kick.

But Smith also said politics were involved, and that he believes that Mike Shanahan wanted to send a message to the rest of his players by releasing the punter.

"I think after you play in the NFL long enough, you realize it's a very political institution," Smith says. "I don't write it off to politics, but someone does have to pay the price in because we would win, or possibly tie the game if I catch the ball."

He later says, "Am I a scapegoat? In the NFL, there are a couple of different types of teams out there. There are some teams that display undying loyalty to their coaches and players, and other teams that tend to want to make a statement during a time of tragedy that's going on by making an example of somebody and partially blame them for the loss. I'm not saying the Redskins are like that, but I think in this sense, it does come down to that."


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