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NFL Wildcard Weekend 2011: Redskins fans reminded of how different it is elsewhere

January 9, 2011 - 07:42 AM
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Day 1 of Wildcard Weekend was full of dramatics, including young Mark Sanchez and the Jets defeating the Colts. (Photo: Associated Press)

Day 1 of Wildcard Weekend is in the books, and what a day it was. The Seattle Seahawks -- the team that had no business even being in the playoffs by virtue of its sub-.500 record -- pulled off the improbable and defeated the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints 41-36.

And then, in Game 2, the New York Jets look like they had blown it, giving Peyton Manning 2:36 to drive into field goal range and set up Adam Vinatieri for more game-winning heroics with a 50-yard field goal with less than 60 seconds left. But wait, Mark Sanchez and the Jets drive downfield with ease and Nick Folk is the kicker that lifted his team to a 17-16 victory? Wow.

One can only hope that Day 2 of Wildcard Weekend is even half as dramatic.

If you were a Redskins fan watching the first two games, you had to have had some thoughts along these lines throughout the day . . . .


> Wildcard Weekend . . . Man, I thought sure Shanny and Bruce would’ve had us here this year. I mean, all the “The Future is Now” and “Are you in?” talk? Big move for a Hall of Fame quarterback? Shanahan pointing out that McNabb still had plenty of good football in him and would be his next Elway? Wow, look how things turned out: 6-10 and again no playoffs.

> Ah, a playoff game at Qwest Field. Remember those days? Why does 2007 seem so long ago? We were actually here with Coach Joe just four seasons ago. Never mind that our boys lost 35-14, and that it took until the fourth quarter for Todd Collins to hook up with Randle El (Ugh, Randle El, another free agent bust!) and Moss for touchdown passes, at least we were in the playoffs!

> Good ole Pete Carroll. He met with Snyder for nine ours back in 2008 about the coaching job, didn’t he? Wonder why they couldn’t get the deal done? Zorn was who we wound up with?!

> Wow, Hassellbeck is having himself a game! There’s old buddy Gregg Williams (another guy that could’ve been our head coach in ’08 instead of Zorn). Why’s he going with all those soft zones so Hassellbeck can carve him up? Didn’t he learn anything from facing this guys in the playoffs with us in ’05 and ’07? Oh, well. At least we don’t have to keep seeing him every week to be reminded of days when we had a stud defense.

> Mike Williams. So that’s what a big receiver can do for ya, huh?

> What a run by Marshawn Lynch! Sixty-seven yards to paydirt to seal the game? Wow! (Weren’t there rumors we were interested in him earlier this year?) Hold up, now. What are these message board clowns talking about? No way that’s the greatest post-season run in NFL history! No way, man. No way! Riggo's run back in '82 was way, way better! Won the Super Bowl!

> Wow, a team that won one more game than us is one win away from the NFC Championship. Unreal.

> Look at L.T. with two touchdowns. Still getting it done. Why didn’t Shanahan bring in LaDainian Tomlinson instead of Larry Johnson and Willie Parker?

> Jets’ defense. So THAT is what a 3-4 is supposed to look like, huh?

> Oh, Jets blew it! You don’t give Peyton Manning 2:36! And here comes Vinatieri. He does it again! (What would it be like to have a clutch kicker year in and year out?)

> Wait, the Jets aren’t really gonna march this thing downfield in less than a minute are they? Big hookup from Sanchez to Edwards, there. Yeah, go get us a young QB. It’s working out pretty well for the Jets.

> Again, that’s what a big wideout can do for ya, huh? No way our shorter receivers could’ve made a grab on a throw that high.

> Wow, Nick Folk. Another kicker getting it done.

> OK, let’s fix that 3-4 D and put an O-line in front of a young QB and grow him the right way. We’ll take our lumps. But if New York can make it to the playoffs back-to-back years with Sanchez as a rookie and now a sophomore, why can’t we?

Ah, Redskins fans. Reminders all around of what could be but what isn’t. Here’s to fewer reminders on Day 2 of Wildcard Weekend.


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