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Coverage of TBD's launch countdown

August 9, 2010 - 02:28 AM
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News outlets in Washington and blogs covering journalism and the news business have taken note of plans for TBD's launch:

The Washington Post warns that we are "wading into a crowded pool" of local news sources.

DCist noted that our launch was "much-hyped" but "eagerly anticipated."


Rockville Central noted how TBD will tailor our content to the communities a user is most interested in.

ScreenDC took note of our plans to cover entertainment.

DC Fishbowl thought we were being coy about our launch date (we should have let them into some of our late-night meetings discussing whether and when we would be ready).

The Georgetown Dish noted our plans to use social media.

The media site paidContent took two looks at TBD, noting that our mobile apps will be different from the website and interviewing owner Robert Allbritton about his new venture.

Lots of blogs decided to count the ways to watch what we're doing (appropriate to us, because at the time we were counting down to launch):

10 reasons to watch TBD's launch, by Ken Doctor.

6 reasons to watch TBD's launch, by Nieman Lab.

4 key questions TBD could answer about local news, by Poynter.

3 reasons to be excited about TBD, by Craig Kanalley.

@JournalismLives had a little fun on Twitter, adding them up to 23 reasons to watch us.

We hope we create as much of a stir in Washington as we have in our own business, where Laura McGann tweeted that more people at a Nieman party had opinions about TBD than had seen "Avatar."

Jeff Jarvis said we were doing "God's work," which spawned a little fun from the staff, suggesting some possible #TBDmiracles.


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