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Details of Saturday's Glenn Beck rally and civil rights events in D.C.

August 27, 2010 - 04:00 AM
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mlk rally
Visitors to the Lincoln Memorial stop at the exact location where Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s gave him famous 'I Have a Dream' speech, Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010. This Saturday Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor' rally on the anniversary and at the site of King's speech is drawing criticism, protests and questions about his intentions. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

D.C. will be flooded this weekend with thousands of visitors for large events, including a rally organized by Glenn Beck called "Restoring Honor", and a civil rights rally and march called "Reclaim the Dream."

UPDATE: A third event, "Students Finding Solutions" will also be going on Saturday. And another event, "Celebrate the Dream," will unveil an innovative, interactive 4-story high art installation highlighting Martin Luther King quotes.

Whether you live in D.C. and want to stay out of the way, or you're coming for an event and want to know where to go, we've got all the details after the jump. First, just for fun, take our quiz to see how much you know already. If you do go this weekend, please send us your photos.

OK, now let's get down to business with the event details, the obstructions they will cause, and tips on what visitors can do in the area. TBD will have the local news angles covered, but if you're looking for political coverage of events check out POLITICO. We also recommend checking out the 8/28 in DC blog where American University students will have blanket coverage.

Details: "Restoring Honor" rally

Time: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 28

Location: The National Mall, at the Lincoln Memorial.

Description: Promoted as a non-political celebration of "our heroes, our heritage and our future." Features the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and others.

Details: "Reclaim the Dream" rally and march

Time: Begins at 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 28

Location: Begins at Dunbar High School, 1301 New Jersey Ave. NW, followed by a march to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial.

Description: Forty-seven years after the historic March on Washington and Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial, leaders from more than 47 organizations, unions and clergy, will lead a mass rally and march to Reclaim the Dream. Speakers include: Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Martin Luther King III.

Details: "Students Finding Solutions" rally

Time: 8 a.m to 2 p.m. Saturday

Location: March begins at Howard University, and proceed to the Taft Memorial. See road closures below.

Details: "Celebrate the Dream"

Time: Dedication ceremony: 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.
Press conference: 9:30 to 10 a.m.
Open to the public: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: National Mall near 13th Street

Description: The unveiling of an innovative, interactive 4-story high art installation celebrating King's legacy and vision, created by artist Mike Murphy. Visitors to the temporary memorial will be able to share their thoughts on site and online. King's speeches will play throughout the day.

Closures and obstructions

The "Restoring Honor" rally will close several roads around the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall, including 17th Street between Constitution Avenue and Independence Avenue, and Independence Avenue from 17th Street to 23rd Street. Also closed: Henry Beacon Drive NW, Daniel French Drive SW (6:00 am), 23rd Street SW, Maine Avenue split to westbound Independence Ave (all traffic north to 15th Street). Police advise that additional road closures may occur as needed

The "Reclaim the Dream" marchers will walk from Dunbar High School, at N Street NW and New Jersey Ave NW; proceed west on N Street, south on South 6th Street, west on Constitution Avenue, south on 15th Street NW, west on Independence Avenue NW, south on Ohio Drive Riverside, enter West Potomac Park, Polo Field on to the MLK Memorial site.

The "Students Finding Solutions" rally will begin on the grounds of Howard University. The parade will proceed south on Georgia Avenue, east on Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and then East on Constitution Avenue NW to 201 First St. NW (Taft Memorial) where they will disband. There will be rolling street closures during this event.

Visitors Guide

With millions of visitors a year, D.C. has no shortage of formal visitors guides for tourism in the area. But for some real insight, you need to ask a local.

For those of you who don't know, TBD works with a community network of more than 150 local blogs and websites. Below is some handy advice and guidance from local writers who really know what they're talking about.

First of all, our friends at We Love DC would like visitors to know that "despite some serious misunderstanding and outrageous assumptions made beyond the Beltway, DC really is a safe city to visit."  They also have put together a handy edition of DC Mythbusting for you, with "the little secrets that DC residents know, including the best ways to get around the city, the real can’t-miss destinations you’ve never heard of, and the best way to see the Mall."

Now on to other guides and tips from local blogs:

Getting around

Metro for Tourists: The Metro Etiquette blog introduces you to the Metro rail system and how it works, and provides the "Quick and Dirty Metro etiquette for tourists" (Including, "The pole in the train is not for your kids to swing on.")

Metro to the Mall: In-depth on how to use the Metro system around the National Mall.

Talkin’ Transit: Tourist Tips: The unwritten rules of the Metro system, sidewalks and driving.

DC Survival Guide: Getting Around

Avoid looking like a tourist on the Metro

Getting to the Lincoln Memorial: The very site of the Memorial was picked for its "dignified isolation."

How to hail a cab: "Quite understandably, many of our visitors are not in the practice of hailing a cab on a daily basis. Others come from cities where the cab system works differently."

Monuments and sightseeing:

Must-see tourist attractions: Yes, this is the stuff everyone does, but they do it for a reason. Check out some of the famous attractions of D.C. and tips on how to do them well.

Lincoln Memorial: Plus check out the urban legends of the memorial: hands forming A and L, Robert E. Lee in the back, Lincoln buried here, number of steps, misspelled word.

United States Botanic Gardens

Ford's Theatre

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Union Station

The Newseum

Monument sites off the beaten path: Some of the less-famous monuments worth seeing in DC.

An Overlooked Museum - US Naval Museum: Visit a repository of relics and history that rivals the Air and Space Museum just a few miles away - and you won't have to deal with hordes of school kids.

Restaurants and entertainment

Two DC's favorite restaurants: When you want to get past the chain near your hotel and try some popular local eateries, here's a good list to start with.

DC neighborhoods: D.C. and the surrounding area is made up of many different neighborhoods that each have their own unique charm. Here's a quick guide to what to expect in some of the major ones.

Where do Washingtonians eat? Check out this list of suggestions from local food bloggers and writers in the area. Includes breakfast, food trucks, burgers, and great dining deals.

For more ideas:

Off The Beaten Path DC

DC Like a Local



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  1. dmerica dmerica

    Dan Merica

    Aug 27, 2010 - 10:05:37 AM

    For real-time information on Saturday, check out 828indc.wordpress.com

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  2. BobMichaels BobMichaels

    Bob Michaels

    Aug 27, 2010 - 07:39:36 PM

    This event (organized as much by the Fox fake "news" channel as much as by Glenn Beck) is a sickening example of politically clueless people being led by a greedy, self-serving demogogue. In addition, there really is no tea party. They are Republicans. Watch who 98% of them vote for in November, and look who all of their current candidates are... they all have an (R) after their names. The tea party is just the newest (and more idiotic and racist) wing of the GOP. It's very telling too that the company Beck works for (Fox, of course, which has an owned and operated station in DC) helped to promote this disgusting spectacle and they just donated one million dolllars to the GOP. Did I mention that five years ago, the leader of the GOP, George W. Bush, was sharing cake with John McCain while a city had been flooding for two days?

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