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Fenty, Kwame Brown win big in blogger straw poll

September 14, 2010 - 07:00 AM
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It all started with an informal discussion on Twitter: what if a bunch of bloggers got together for an informal straw poll for the upcoming primary election in D.C.?

We decided to do it. With Community Network bloggers in all eight wards and other likely participants spread across the city, it was unlikely that we'd be able to get everyone to the same place to facilitate a live vote. So the solution to all distance issues, the Internet, stepped in to lend a hand.

We asked for picks for mayor, council chair, and at-large councilmember. The only mandatory question was the choice for mayor. We also asked the bloggers to name the ward they live in, but we didn't have a large enough group to warrant tracking the vote for each ward's councilmembers. Eight wards, fewer than 30 bloggers, it just didn't make sense.  That doesn't mean we're not watching every ward, though.  Stick with us throughout the day for full results.

On to the results of the poll referred to fondly as the 2010 D.C. Primary Non-Election. 

MAYOR: Fenty. Landslide.

DC mayor poll(Graphic by Google Documents)

Quoth the bloggers:

Fenty will probably lose, but I hope that Gray keeps some of the amazing appointees that Fenty brought, notable Gabe Kline and Michelle Rhee. I may not always agree with Fenty management style, but I want him to have another four years to continue to improve education and alternative forms of transportation.

The ugly and unpleasant reality is that a huge portion of Gray's supporters really do want a return to the Barry years. The pressure on Gray to deliver lots and lots and lots of pork will be unbearable -- and I predict he will cave. 

[Fenty] and Chancellor Rhee are moving the school system in the right direction and has even gotten national attention on the matter.

Yes, Fenty is a jerk. But, so what. DC needs to grow up and start acting like a big city instead of an overgrown small town.


COUNCIL CHAIR: Kwame Brown. Landslide.

DC council chair poll
(Graphic by Google Documents)

Who are the "other" candidates who got three votes? We suspect write-ins, but the bloggers were mum on their specific favorites. I once knew someone who voted for Henry Fonda for president every four years. Not likely here.

Anyway, quoth the bloggers (okay, one of them):

As for Kwame, he's a nice guy -- and I predict he will be a disaster as Council chairman. Everyone in the know I have talked to says that he is incredibly disorganized and unable to focus.


AT-LARGE COUNCILMEMBER: Clark Ray, not so obvious.

DC at-large poll
(Graphic by Google Documents)

Conclusions drawn: not much excitement for Michael (insert middle initial here) Brown; second appearance by elusive "other" votes is curious. What is this, LOST?

Smoke monster aside, quoth the bloggers, on some general topics:

I find the "white yuppie newcomers vs. longtime black residents" narrative of this mayoral race incredibly tiresome and frustrating.

In case you care, I'm voting for Bryan Weaver in the Ward One race.

I'll admit, his campaign videos are hard to resist. If he doesn't win Ward One, do you think he would have time to make a music video with me?

Please note TBD staffers have placed no wagers based on this poll, as it was very unscientific and really can't be trusted. We'll see what happens tonight when the polls close. A hearty thanks goes out to all those who volunteered to participate and gave us candid feedback regarding their decisions.



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  1. Beltway Greg Beltway Greg

    Beltway Greg

    Sep 14, 2010 - 09:48:00 AM

    Kwame Brown? You're kidding correct? He can't keep track of his own money so you want him to keep track of yours?

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  2. turbobodi turbobodi

    Bill Bob

    Sep 14, 2010 - 09:37:18 AM

    ...DC the new Detroit?

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