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Metro has closures, but D.C. kept moving

October 11, 2010 - 02:31 PM
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UPDATED: Adding more stories below as we hear about them.

With the Blue and Orange lines closed through three downtown stations since Friday night, it had the potential to be a pretty ugly scene for anyone trying to navigate D.C. without a car.

This weekend and the Monday morning commute weren't all that bad according to TBD on Foot. We asked our Twitter followers how they got to work today (those who did not have the day off that is) - and it didn't sound all that bad.

Several people took the shuttles provided by Metro and said the change didn't create much of a delay. They even had nice things to say about Metro today!

SusannahBG: Organized and well staffed shuttle system at #foggybottom. Good work @wmata. (@ Foggy Bottom-GWU Metro)

roschwartz: #WMATA you finally deserve credit. A friendly Rep at #FarragutWest provided info on the free shuttle service (which DID show up). Thanks!

ptklein: Metro Center packed with employees to assist with Blue/Orange shuttles. Why doesn't this happen everyday? #WMATA @metroopensdoors

fedward: With increased Yellow Line service through Fort Totten, #nowmata has worked out just fine for my GA Ave-King St commute. :-)

dance_dc: @TBD Shuttle at McPherson then train f/ Foggy Bottom to get to Court Hse. Trip took 15 mins longer than usual. #wmata


A few people reported trying a little Metro-Fu to get around the closed stations.

l_travis: my morning commute: org to lefante, grn to chinatown, red to dupont. thanks #wmata for helping me experience the colors of the rainbow...

CoreyCallahan: My commute was disrupted by this "holiday schedule" on #WMATA, I left 90 min. early, switched 3 lines & got to work in 20 min. #wompwomp


It certainly wasn't smooth sailing for everyone out there.

elizabethtalks: @TBD It took me an extra 45 minutes to get in this morning. Off-loaded twice + a mislabeled train. I was affected.

vtelizabeth: #nowmata Thanfully I take red line to work, but making it home from Reagan last night was a bit of a hassle.

deafinthecity: #nowmata I'm taking the bus as usual however will be late due to them every 30 mins to 1hr.

Jody told us, the AM commute was fine, but PM will be a different story, I think. Last year's Columbus Day evening rush was a royal mess, and that was with all stations open. Today's will be a nightmare.

djneltz: Closing Farragut West today negatively impacted my commute thank you, #WMATA


Others changed up their morning routines altogether, opting for methods outside of Metro.

Matt307: Working from home today courtesy of #Wmata for shutting down the center of the city.

Metro_Fail: is walking 2.5mi to Union Station rather than tangle with the 'convenience' of the free #wmata shuttle buses.

barefootsailor: Went around the #wmata delays, biked 5.5 miles to work thru Georgetown and DC trafffic. WIN.

fancylarue: @TBD I've had the weekend off, but have been renting an AM Zipcar to get my spouse to his job on the Orange Line

fixwmata: @TBDCommute #nowmata I drove (which cost $) and paid to park (because its not a county holiday).


As for the weekend, it sounded like most people just opted to change their plans to get around the Metro closures.

katmoo14: @TBD #nowmata doesn’t matter to me. We live walking distance to our football bar: mackey’s in crystal city.

JasKeller: @TBD I am discovering that there are actually bus lines in the city!

josephjames: Getting off at Foggy Bottom to walk to the red line to get to Chinatown for some @Clydes football. #nowmata

chrisatyoursix: @TBD We were going to go shopping in Dupont but are staying away now since the Orange won't go to Metro Center. #wmata #nowmata

egoetschius: @TBD Makes it hard to get to the Riverfront Festival. :(

lacymb: This whole having to take a shuttle bus because three of the main downtown stations are closed thing REALLY sucks. #wmata


 What was your WMATA closure story? Keep adding them in the comments, with our tip submission tool or on Twitter using #nowmata.


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