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TBD halting ad sales in network

November 30, 2010 - 11:42 PM
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TBD told members of its community network late Tuesday that it will stop serving ads on member blogs and websites, effective today.

In an email message to network members who had agreed to accept advertising sold by TBD, we said:

We are pleased with how the TBD Community Network has helped us point our users to valuable content on member sites and blogs throughout the community. We have heard many enthusiastic accounts about how TBD links have boosted the traffic of network members. Unfortunately, the advertising aspect of the network has not taken off as effectively as the traffic and linking relationship. ...

In the coming months, we will consider some possible new approaches to sales in the network. We hope to eventually send you a new plan for a new advertising relationship.

About one-fourth of the 200-plus blogs in the TBD Community Network were participating in the advertising deal. TBD sales staff sold ads to run in the network, sharing the revenue with participating members.

The message to network members concluded:

We remain committed to our relationship with the TBD Community Network. We hope that the additional traffic we have sent to your site has made a notable boost in the revenue from your other advertising efforts. We remain optimistic that we will find a good long-term solution that will boost advertising revenue for you and us. But we need to be candid about how the initial program is working and about our need to make some changes.


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