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TSA security polls: Will you take the scan or the pat-down?

November 23, 2010 - 11:43 AM
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Security at Ronald Reagan National Airport
Travelers make their way through Ronald Reagan National Airport on Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010. (Photo: Jay Westcott)

With controversial new TSA screening procedures in place at U.S. airports, we ask: What will you do during holiday travel?

Take the polls after the jump, and see what others had to say. Leave your comments below.




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  1. Slave Slave

    Dodge City

    Nov 26, 2010 - 05:44:50 PM

    Face it, there's absolutely no defense against someone that wants to kill you be it in the air or on the ground. Just as many folks can be killed on subways or any form of public transportation if a nut decides to push the button. Soft targets are in abundance in America so take your pick. I'm very surprised we have come this far since 9-11 without anything catastrophic happening (knock on wood) in this country. I think the billion dollar question is; where did America go wrong so much that we're hated to the point that terrorist home grown and foreign want us all dead! The future looks very bleak for America and I can't help but think of the term the "chickens are coming home to roost". I will keep flying, riding the metro, taking the bus and hoping for the best because when your number is up its up and there's really nothing that any of us can do about it.

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  2. Nate_K Nate_K

    Nate Kalkowski

    Nov 27, 2010 - 11:58:22 AM

    I am not afraid of terrorists. We went through far worse in the 1980s, and we didn't go bonkers like we are today. And the 9/11 tactics are impossible today, with armored cockpit doors and passengers who will fight. I am, however, very afraid of a government that thinks it's OK to create "secret lists" of people who haven't done enough to get their day in court, but who are too dangerous to travel. I am very afraid of a government that won't let you travel unless it sees you naked, and that punishes refuseniks with sexually humiliating searches. If you don't want your kids to grow up in a country where police-state tactics are "normal", you have to draw the line now.

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  3. Beltway Greg Beltway Greg

    Beltway Greg

    Nov 24, 2010 - 08:39:17 AM

    Touch my junk! I'm traveling in a pair of Speedos and a tank top carrying a small towel with some baby oil this weekend. Previously I had to pay for my Chakra release but now the TSA does it for free. Is this a great country or what?

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