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Super Bowl recipes: Discover and share perfect party food

February 2, 2011 - 05:00 AM
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Mini Panamanian beef empanadas
Mini Panamanian beef empanadas, one of the Super Bowl recipes we gathered. (Photo by Nathasha Lim)

Whether you're having people over for the Super Bowl, or bringing a dish to a friend's party, you need some ideas for the perfect football-watching food.

We've collected some great recipes from local food bloggers in the TBD Community Network, and from top online recipe sites. Below you'll see one randomly suggested recipe at a time. See if it hits the spot for you -- if not, click the green button to see a different recipe.

Do you have a hit dish you make every year? You can share your own recipe and we'll add it to the mix here.

UPDATE Be sure to take a picture of your delicious dishes on Sunday and share them with the TBD community.

TBD's Nathasha Lim and Sarah Cough gathered most of these recipes.


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